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There are siblings that hurt you, and Kico, who reappears to disturb the life of his only sister Emma, is one of these.  Kico, who learnt to run before he could walk. First in front of his mother, later in front of his teachers and much later in front of the police. In contrast, Emma was always a good girl who learnt to protect herself from the disputes that racked her family. Why is it that siblings can be so different ?

RUN ! takes place over the time period of a year, from winter when, for the first time in a long time, Emma visits her brother in prison, to spring when Kico’s desire to run will determine both of their futures. «Nothing attracts you like the bad person» is the phrase that hovers over the relationship between the brother and sister. Why ? Because its as true as its painful.

(A Rapid Production is the full play, rehearsed over an abridged amount of time - typically 3 days . It contains most of the elements of a full production, including typically music, set, costume and full actor movement. Actors will however be using scripts)

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